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U.S. Army SATMO forms, trains, and employs geographically dispersed Security Assistance Teams tasked with increasing partner capability and capacity worldwide to meet Geographic Combatant Command requirements. SATMO provides tactical level expertise and creative training solutions to the Army Security Assistance Enterprise - in accordance with U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) priorities - in order to achieve operational results and strategic impacts.


The premier provider of operational Security Assistance Teams to the Security Assistance Enterprise (SAE) through the collaboration and cooperation spectrum of building partner nation capacity making the U.S. the partner choice at the epicenter of great power competition while increasing the strategic reach of U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) and Geographic Combatant Commander’s (GCC).

SATMO Leadership

  • CSM ROBERT J. ALLEN Command Sergeant Major CSM ROBERT J. ALLEN
  • MR. BRIAN I. DRIGGERS Deputy to the Commander MR. BRIAN I. DRIGGERS

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DVIDS - Video - SATMO Recruitment Video (dvidshub.net)

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A Team of Experts Building Ally & Partner Capacity for the Joint Force [PDF - 1.8 MB] Join SATMO's Team of Experts [PDF - 1.4 MB]


Established in 1974 as the U.S. Army Institute for Military Assistance at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, SATMO served as the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) executive agent for matters relating to overseas security assistance training management and support. SATMO reflagged under Army Materiel Command (AMC) on October 9, 2010 and subordinate command to the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC). Today, SATMO remains headquartered at Fort Liberty, N.C., the Home of the Airborne and Special Operations Forces. The brigade’s Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians, and Contractors are deployed to more than 20 countries year-round to deliver Security Assistance Training in response to Allied and Partner training requirements and the five U.S. Geographical Combatant Commands.


Welcome to the U.S. Army SATMO Sponsorship Program! Congratulations on your selection and assignment to the U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization (SATMO) at Fort Liberty and/or an Army Security Assistance Enterprise. Requesting a sponsor is one of the wisest pre-move decisions you will make during this important transition. If you haven't already done so, please complete the Sponsorship Program Form (DA Form 5434) in PDF and email it to: usarmy.liberty.usasac.list.satmo-s1@army.mil Your request will be forwarded to your gaining Fort Liberty sponsor; if being assigned overseas, your Security Assistance Training (SAT) Manager/Team Leader will assign a sponsor to assist you. Your sponsor will contact you via email (or letter) with information about Fort Liberty, or your Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT), if being assigned overseas, and its surrounding communities. We highly encourage you to complete Sponsorship Training required by all Soldiers. This application is easy to use and very resourceful for your relocation: https://apps.militaryonesource.mil/MOS/f?p=ESAT:WELCOME723954464585001 The U.S. Army SATMO Sponsorship Program Manager can be reached at 910-432-5309 or via email at usarmy.liberty.usasac.list.satmo-s1@army.mil

Points of Contact

Brigade Command Group: 910-432-1599 S-1: 910-908-4494 S-1 NCOIC: 910-432-8963 S-2: 910-643-8703 S-3: 910-907-1501 S-3 NCOIC: 910-907-2550 S-4: 910-907-1555 S-4 NCOIC: 910-432-9940 S-6: 910-396-3255 S-6 NCOIC: 910-907-1502 S-8: 910-396-9447 JAG: 910-643-0230 UPAR: 910-907-1563 / 256-374-5752 1st RSAC - INDOPACOM/SOUTHCOM: 910-907-1501 2nd RSAC - CENTCOM: 910-432-0059 3rd RSAC - AFRICOM/EUCOM: 910-243-9008 SATCO CO: 910-908-3125 SATCO NCOIC: 910-907-1224 SATMO Addresses: Mailing: 3004 Ardennes Rd, Stop A, Fort Liberty, NC 28310 Physical: Building C-3832 Ardennes Rd, Fort Liberty, NC 28310