U.S. Army Logistics Modernization Program


To deliver Army Readiness by equipping Soldiers as the Army's National-level logistics system and Army Working Capital Fund financial management system of record, while maintaining an adaptive and agile Army force through continuous process, capability, and technical improvements.


  • Ms. Cherie Smith PEO EIS Ms. Cherie Smith
  • Mr. Brendan Burke Acting Deputy PEO EIS Mr. Brendan Burke
  • COL Robert Mikesh PM AESIP COL Robert Mikesh
  • Mr. Gabe Saliba Acting Product Manager Mr. Gabe Saliba
  • Mr. Marty Trackman Acting Deputy Product Manager Mr. Marty Trackman
  • Mr. Mark Kulick Business Management Division Chief Mr. Mark Kulick
  • Mr. Bill Parker-Combes Systems Engineering Division Mr. Bill Parker-Combes
  • Ms. Sharon Laverty Technical Management Division Chief Ms. Sharon Laverty
  • Ms. Lisa Daponte Projects Management Division Chief Ms. Lisa Daponte