By Christine KlukAugust 19, 2021

U.S. Army photo
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On Aug. 8, PEO EIS’s Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) became the third Army enterprise resource planning (ERP) program to complete its data and operations migration to cARMY, the Army's cloud services provider.

Specifically, the LMP migrated its operating environments from on-premise data centers at the Defense Information Systems Agency to the cARMY environment. The Army’s first ERP to migrate to the cloud was the General Fund Enterprise Business System in July 2020, followed by Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub in January 2021.

The LMP is the Army Materiel Command’s number-one, mission-critical system that delivers parts and equipment readiness to the Army at the national level, where and when it's needed. Cloud migration is an Army headquarters priority to transition the Army from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, led by the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency.

“Having the Army’s national-level logistics and financials in the cloud makes them more visible, accessible, understandable, trusted, interoperable and secure,” said Col. Donald Burton, project manager for the Defense Integrated Business Systems portfolio, which manages the LMP. “Cloud-based data enables leaders to make data-informed decisions at the speed of operational relevance. Put simply, it means having instant data to make instant decisions that best support our Soldiers and operations.”

The migration involved a 24-hour operation with more than 200 personnel from over 25 organizations. Due to countless hours of planning, practicing and prepping, the migration was a resounding success that resulted in the system only being offline for two-and-a-half days versus the originally planned four days.

“Thanks to all our teammates working together and preparing for more than a year, the LMP’s cloud migration has set the standard for excellence at PEO EIS once again,” said Ross Guckert, program executive officer.

The LMP product director, Gabe Saliba, added, “I’m proud of our team and grateful for our amazing partnerships, especially with the Army Communications-Electronics Command Software Engineering Center's Army Shared Services Center, which enabled the LMP to enhance the Army’s logistics systems and deliver capabilities to Soldiers. And now we can do it in the cloud even better and faster.”