The Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Completes its Fiscal Year-End Close in Record Time

By Christine KlukNovember 1, 2022

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PEO EIS’s Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) beat its own Fiscal Year-End Closeout record this year when it finished its annual process in just over 22 hours – beating last year’s milestone. A feat that entailed over 1,000 steps from the LMP checklist and more than 100 staff from the LMP and its partner, stakeholder, and customer organizations, this success was a total team effort and represents the finest in coordination and process execution.

“The amazing LMP financial year-end team has done it again and broke last year’s record for closing and opening the books and system!” said Gabe Saliba, LMP product director. “Last year we were under 24 hours for the first time in LMP history, and the team shattered the record this year by closing and re-opening in just 22 hours. I’m so proud of this team, our partners, and the process we have put in place and refined year over year.”

The team is made up of representatives from the LMP product management office, Communications-Electronics Command Software Engineering Center Army Shared Services Center (SSC), Army Materiel Command (AMC) G-3 and G-8, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Assistant Secretary of the Army-Financial Management and Comptroller, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army – Financial Operations, as well as resources from AMC Major Subordinate Commands and sites.

Faster and efficient FY22 fiscal year end close was aided by a combination of exploiting cloud computing and in-memory technology (with Business Suite on HANA). This led to consolidation and optimization of several financial reporting relevant tasks. All of these improvements led to faster processing times, more accurate reporting, and the fastest closeout to date.

“I would be remiss if I did not thank our functional sponsor, Headquarters AMC, and stakeholder senior leaders for approving and funding our Enterprise Data Warehouse upgrades,” said Saliba. “These enhancements put our systems on steroids for execution of year-end transactions and long-running reports.”

The record-breaking closeout process not only resulted in flawless execution and precise reporting, but also saved the enterprise countless dollars by mitigating downtime of the LMP system and unnecessary duplicating efforts to complete the closeout.

One can be assured that with the power of the LMP, AMC, and Army SSC teams and the speed and efficiency of its systems and programs, we can look forward to seeing if the LMP can set another record next year.