LMP's Noreen Bartley Receives GWAC SOLE Logistics Specialty Award

By Ms. Christine Irving (LMP)November 15, 2018

LMP GWAC SOLE 2018 Bartley
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In November 2018, LMP's Noreen Bartley, Maintenance Solution Team Lead, received a Logistics Specialty Award from the Greater Washington Area Chapter (GWAC) of the International Society of Logistics during a luncheon and awards ceremony.

Ms. Bartley serves as an LMP solution architect and oversees the Maintenance Management business area. She provides functional support to the Army Materiel Command (AMC) to manage hundreds of thousands of production orders with an estimated value of $4.4B in planned costs. She serves as the project lead for several emerging AMC requirements, including addressing audit findings related to small arms management. Ms. Bartley's decades of logistics expertise allowed her to support AMC's generation and refinement of 23 requirements to support weapons accountability at Anniston Army Depot's Small Arms Repair Facility. These requirements will improve shop floor efficiencies to complete orders for high volume, high velocity programs, such as the production and repair of M4 Carbine assault rifles. She worked with Anniston to identify business process changes to avoid development costs, saving approximately $200k. This work effort also will retire a legacy system, save approximately $36K in annual sustainment costs, and ultimately enhance small arms mission readiness across AMC. She also is a voting member of the LMP Architecture Review Board (ARB), analyzing and approving over 1000 Change Review Documents, over 2000 Change Design Documents, and over 2000 technical specification documents, all of which guide the LMP's management of $16B in inventory, completion of 7M transactions daily, and interfacing with 56 partner systems and 297 interfaces. These ARB documents ensure coherent architecture and system integrity, and apply to all aspects of work that come through the LMP software development lifecycle that ultimately support delivery of material to Soldiers when and where they need it.

Congratulations to Noreen on this honor!