Connect your account to Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that generates detailed statistics on a website. All content released from CORE to is automatically connected to Google Analytics, allowing you to track article pageviews and basic traffic data through your Released Inbox.

Learn more about tracking articles and page traffic in CORE.

If you want to dive deeper into metrics, you can connect your articles to Google Analytics for visitor tracking and other reporting. CORE also offers Google Analytics integration, giving you access to track data on all articles that you create directly from a personal Google Analytics account.

Add a personal Google Analytics tracking ID

  1. To start, you’ll need to sign up for a Google Analytics account. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure you create a Universal Analytics property, not a Google Analytics 4 property.
  2. Once your property is set up, locate your tracking ID. It will look something like UA-00000000–2.
  3. In CORE, click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the page and click Profile & Settings from the dropdown.
  4. Click on the Advanced Settings tab.
  5. Copy and paste your tracking ID into the “Google Analytics Tracking ID” field.
  6. Click Save at the top-right corner of the page.

Your Google Analytics tracking ID will automatically appear in the Advanced Settings section of every article that you create. Once an article is released, you will be able to monitor traffic and other reporting data such as traffic-referral information, user characteristics and browsing information directly through your personal Google Analytics account.

It can take up to 24 hours for data to appear in your reports. However, you can check your web-tracking setup immediately.

NOTE: This tracking ID is associated with your CORE account. If it is changed in your Advanced Settings (e.g. because you move to a new organization), then the tracking ID will change on all of your old articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up a Google Analytics account to track my entire organization?

If your Google Analytics account was set-up to track content from your entire organization, please contact your administrator to ensure the tracking ID is added to your organization information on My Organization page. This will ensure your content is associated with the appropriate organization, even if you move to a new team. Learn how to connect your organization to Google Analytics.


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