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How CALL Drives Army Change CALL drives Army change through leading the Army Lessons Learned Program (ALLP) and delivering timely and relevant information to resolve gaps, enhance readiness, and inform modernization. To accomplish this CALL, executes the Army Annual Plan collecting, analyzing, disseminating, integrating, and archiving lessons learned from tactical to theater/strategic levels. CALL researches root-cause analysis, defines trends/themes, coordinates with the lessons learned community of interest, and initiates product development. CALL's multimedia-based products are disseminated through a variety of print and electronic formats, with the web-based Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) serving as the central repository. As emerging issues are discovered, CALL incorporates those into the Army Lessons Learned Forum, to facilitate continuous development, improvement, and adaptation of material and non-material solutions across the DOTMLPF-P spectrum. CALL modernization, and interoperability activities support sister services, international, and interagency bilateral staff talks, mil-to-mil engagements, and agreed-to-actions. This holistic approach to lessons learned drives Army change and fosters Army readiness.
CALL's MISSION The Center for Army Lessons Learned leads the Army Lessons Learned Program and delivers timely and relevant information to resolve gaps, enhance readiness, and inform modernization.
CALL's VISION The Center for Army Lessons Learned is the Army's daily focal point for adaptive learning based on lessons and best practices from the total force and provides timely and relevant knowledge to the warfighter and our unified action partners utilizing integrated systems and interactive technology in order to simplify winning in a complex world.
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  • COL Scott W. Mueller Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned COL Scott W. Mueller
  • Colonel Scott W. Mueller Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned COL Scott Mueller is a native of Glenview, Illinois and was commissioned as an Armor Officer upon graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1994. His troop assignments include: tank platoon leader and executive officer, D/1-34 Armor, Fort Riley, Kansas (1994-1997); commander, C/2-63 Armor, Vilseck, Germany (2000-2002); Military Transition Team Chief to the 19th Iraqi Army Brigade, Baqubah, Iraq (2007-2008); squadron executive officer, 2-1 CAV, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division (2008-2010), Fort Lewis, Washington and Iraq; commander, 1-15 Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, Georgia (2013-2015); and commander, U.S. Army Garrison Camp Humphreys, Korea (2017-2019). Between troop assignments COL Mueller served as an advisor to E/145 Cavalry (Oklahoma Army National Guard) from 2002-2004, followed by an assignment to the Battle Command Training Program’s World Class Opposing Force at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas from 2004-2006. After serving as a squadron executive officer, he returned to Fort Leavenworth where he was an instructor at the Command and General Staff College. After battalion command, COL Mueller served as the executive officer to the Commanding General, Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve from 2015-2016. He most recently served as the Deputy Chief of Staff at U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany (2019-2021). COL Mueller’s Operational deployments include Task Force Hawk (April-July 1999), Albania, Operation Iraqi Freedom (2007-2008, 2009-2010), Operation Enduring Freedom (2012), and Operation Inherent Resolve (2015-2016). COL Mueller is a graduate of the Armor Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the Combined Arms Services Staff School, the Command and General Staff College, and is a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Army War College. He holds a Bachelor of Science in European History from USMA, a Master of Arts degree in Management from Webster University and a Master of Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.


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Gen. Hinote (Aug 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 826.3 KB] Senior Advisor Training Building the Ready Bench (May 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 1.5 MB] Setting the Pacific Theater - Mission Command (Feb 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 1.4 MB] Setting the Theater in the Pacific (Jan 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 543.7 KB] Sustainment BDE Staff's Critical Path (Mar 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 1.3 MB] The Next Arms Race (Aug 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 298.9 KB] The OPSYNC (Jan 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 2.9 MB] The Three-Generation Dilemma (Jun 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 1.2 MB] Theater Army as a CJTF ARCENT in Eager Lion 18 (Aug 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 791.9 KB] Theater Intelligence Primer (Oct 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 436.8 KB] Three Roles of the BEB (Apr 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 893.8 KB] Tropical Medicine Course CJTF-HOA (Sep 18) (Public).pdf [PDF - 993.3 KB]
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The CALL library has thousands of articles and publications to support units and soldiers in multiple scenarios from CTC/MCTP rotations, DSCA, to ongoing contingency operations. These publications are available for immediate download and order through the CALL Restricted Site. CALL publications are provided at no cost to you or the organization but must be delivered to a unit (military) address.


Course Requirement. Organization Lesson Manager (OLM) for Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting Units, Corps, Divisions, Centers of Excellence, school proponents, and branch and educational schoolhouses (NCOAs, RTI, RTS-M, TASS, Troop Schools, etc.). Brigade and below unit OLMs may attend, but are not required by Army Regulation 11-33, Army Lessons Learned Program. NOTE: This is a US Government Only Course. Course registration. The Army Lessons Learned Course (ALLC) is conducted via distributed learning (dL) on unclassified Microsoft Teams (A365) for US Government and US Department of Defense personnel. Those wishing to attend must fill out a course registration request on the CALL Restricted website: Access Here (CAC login required). Please contact the ALLC instructor at (571) 588-3537 if you have any questions or need assistance. Notice of Collection of Personal Information. The personal information requested in this form is for the purpose of contacting the submitting individual. Personal information is not required for submission of comments, but to receive a response you must provide a valid e-mail address. At our discretion, we may share your comments with web administrators, web authors, editors, and support personnel to improve our web site's performance and usefulness. In other limited circumstances, including requests from Congress or private individuals, we may be required by law to disclose information you submit. Course design. The ALLC is designed to train personnel appointed by their commander or director to serve as an OLM for their lessons learned program. Class size is limited to 30 students to provide optimal hands-on instruction and group participation. Course Objective. The course explains the roles and responsibilities of OLMs and Lesson Managers (LMs) in each phase of the Army Lessons Learned Process. It uses multiple training scenarios with individual and group work to achieve terminal learning objectives. Students leave certified to implement a lessons learned program in their current and future assignments. Pre-requisites. Complete Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Joint Lessons Learned Program, P-US1181, and provide certificate prior to ALLC attendance. Obtain a Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) account at Read DA Pam 11-33, Guide to the Army Lessons Learned Program, to comprehend and apply the roles, responsibilities, and available tools for OLMs in each phase. Read the provided scenario article and write a completed observation worksheet for Day 1. Also provide a copy of your appointment memorandum and current lessons learned program SOP (if available) on Day 1.


Must register on CALL Restricted website: Click Here FY 23: Class 23-1: 25-27 OCT (CALL Only) Class 23-5: 30 MAY-1 JUN Class 23-2: 29 NOV-1 DEC Class 23-6: 27-29 JUN Class 23-3: 28FEB-2 MAR Class 23-7: 29-31 AUG Class 23-4: 21-23 MAR Class 23-8: 26-28 SEP FY 24: Class 24-1: 24-26 OCT Class 24-5: 28-30 MAY Class 24-2: 28-30 NOV Class 24-6: 25-27 JUN Class 24-3: 27-29 FEB Class 24-7: 27-29 AUG Class 24-4: 26-28 MAR (T) Class 24-8: 24-26 SEP For more information on the CALL Lessons Learned Course – see the CALL Restricted Webpage:  Access Here (CAC login required)

Military Analyst Forward Program (MAF)

This is your opportunity to become an Agent of Change! CALL is offering the opportunity to serve in an Active Duty Corps headquarters in CONUS, SETAF-AF and USARCENT as a Military Analyst (forward) (MAF) (MIL (O4-O6, and E8-E9)). Please review the qualifications and submit an application through the CALL Restricted Site.
MAF requirements Be in the grade of E8-E9; CW3-CW5; O4 KD, O5-O6. Be an Active Duty, USAR, ARNG, IMA or IRR Soldier. Have less than 16 or more than 18 years of active federal service (USAR/ARNG). This does not apply to AGR and AD Soldiers. Be physically and medically deployable world wide. Be able to write articulately and meet suspense's. MAF Duties and Responsibilities Duties and responsibilities of a CALL MAF vary by location. Below are some of the duties and responsibilities that a CALL MAF can expect: MAFs serve as the “face” of CALL to the supported commands. They integrate into supported command staff functions to collaborate and integrate CALL’s support capability. MAFs facilitate establishing and/or executing the supported command’s Lessons Learned Program; facilitate unit written AAR’s and provide the supported unit Commander’s Priorities to CALL. MAFs conduct focused collections for both CALL and their supported command. Many of the focused collections will be included in future CALL publications. MAF’s conduct key leader interviews and transcribe audio recordings. MAFs need strong oral and written communication skills. A MAF can expect to write or edit, on average, 1-5 documents/reports each week. MAFs also participate in a weekly VTC/DCS with CALL HQ. Application Process and Required Documents Military biography (recently updated) ORB/SRB/ERB (less than a year old) DA photo (preferably NMT 1yr old, should reflect current grade/awards) Current DA Form 705 (Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard) ARPC Form 249-E Chronological Statement of Retirement Points (AR/NG) RC/NG status (i.e., TPU, IRR, IMA, AGR, ARNG, etc) and current assignment Availability date (i.e., the date you will be available to come on active duty)(AR/NG) or date command will release you (Active Component) Desired tour length (180-365 days). Standard tours are 365 days in duration. 180 days is the shortest tour that will be considered. Please notify your CoC that you are interested and get a verbal authorization (VOCO) to apply. A written document may be needed later. But only after approval as a MAF. Last three evaluations. At least one writing sample written by you. Almost any document will work but remember the document reflects how you write and think. Theses documents will be consolidated to build a candidate packet. The review process takes approximately 30 days. At the end of the review process, applicants will be notified via email if they have been accepted or not. If accepted, applicants will be provided assignment details and additional instructions. ** Incomplete packets will not be considered. All packets must arrive as a single email or a group of emails to avoid filing errors. **


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