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23-804_Religious Support During LSCO

The 3ID division chaplain section (DCS) leveraged War Fighter Exercise (WFX) 23-02 as an opportunity to develop and test systems for planning and synchronizing Religious Support (RS) in a Large-Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) environment. 3ID RS leaders used the following performance objectives to initiate planning efforts: “The 3ID Chaplain Section and Unit Ministry Teams (UMT) must provide comprehensive religious support in an environment characterized by a rapid tempo of operations, constant re-task organization of battalions, and an increased size of the organization, especially in the rear area/Division Support Area (DSA).

The first section of the article is an overall look at synchronizing the division’s RS plan with the tactical plan from the division chaplain and master religious affairs NCO (RA-NCO) perspective. The second section contains observations and recommendations from the RS team at the rear command post (RRCP). The third section conveys thoughts from the division sustainment brigade UMT in the division support area (DSA). The final section is the DSB RA-NCO’s reflections on lessons he took away from WFX 23-2.

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23-804_Religious Support During LSCO

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