CHARLESTON, S.C. - In the past four years more than 20,000 brand new Up-Armored HMMWVs made their way to their last stop in the U.S., where the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's 841st Transportation Battalion has ensured their safe and speedy shipment to Soldiers conducting combat operations in South West Asia.

The 841st Transportation Battalion is responsible for the sealift shipment of all military cargo in Charleston and on the East Coast. On April 17 the 841st Transportation Battalion's milestone was recognized by the Product Manager Light Tactical Vehicles.

"I wanted to recognize the professionalism and dedication of the 841st Transportation unit in the safe, secure and efficient shipment of over 20,000 of these life-saving vehicles, said Lt. Col. Samuel Homsy, PM LTV, "We know this great partnership will continue to send these up-armored HMMWVs to warfighters in harm's way."

Lt. Col. Randolph Haufe, commander of the 841st, insisted his team leaders accept the award on the 841st behalf.

"This team is the last set of CONUS hands that touch these trucks before our Soldiers and Marines use them to fight. It is truly a team effort of military, civilian and contractor that sends each system overseas with best wishes for the warfighters that they may be used to complete the mission and enable a safe return home."

PM LTV is responsible for and manages the Army's entire inventory of HMMWVs, ensuring its sustainment from "cradle to grave", the M1151A1 with Frag Kit 5 and Objective Gunner Protection Kit.

The M1151A1 with FK5 and OGPK are the Army's most recent addition to the UAH fleet, providing improvised explosive device blast and small arms protection. The additions also add safety enhancements including the Gunners Restraint System; the 3-point seatbelt, the vehicular intercom systems; the Fire Suppression System; and the latest version of the OGPK, which provides the capability for the gunner to view the battlefield without compromising safety through the factory installed transparent armored glass.

(Capt. Chris Lecron serves as the operations officer for the 841st and Capt. Carlos Lago serves as the assistant product manager for PM-LTV's ARMOR.)