FORT HOOD, Texas - From "Little Miss Sunshine" to "Home Alone," more than 20 Fort Hood middle school children got a chance to experience Hollywood stardom and life as an actor during the Great Moments Great Causes Sept. 27.

The 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Million Moments: Great Moments, Great Causes mobile van tour donated more than 35,000 DVDs to Fort Hood Soldiers and allowed children the opportunity to recreate their favorite scenes from beloved Fox movies, filmed against a green screen.

"The USO was contacted by Fox to be able to do a Million Moments and is a great way to bring kids together, have a great laugh and be able to get a copy of their scene from the website," Robin Crouse, director of Fort Hood USO, said. "Movies like 'Home Alone' and 'Little Miss Sunshine' … the ones we all love and watch."

Designed to celebrate the unique connection between a moment in film, its audience and the conversations it inspires, the campaign allows movie lovers to experience and share the thrills, laughs and drama of real movie moments.

"Whether it's jumping off a building in 'Die Hard,' chasing after a bus in 'Little Miss Sunshine' or showcasing sweet moves from 'Napolean Dynamite,' we wanted to give back to our military Families and children to show them the outside communities appreciate their work," Chet Whitmore, publicist for 20th Century Fox, said.

In addition to being on a live film set with a green screen, many children liked the dressing room trailer, complete with hair, makeup and wardrobe, which made them feel like real movie stars.

"It was fun to dress up and be able to put on costumes," Dilara Aslan, a student at Smith Middle School, said. "It made me feel like I was really in a movie."

"Events like this is important to bring our community together because our Soldiers have been through a lot of deployments and moves," Crouse said. "It's just as important to our children that they know they are important and are recognized by outside agencies as big as Fox."