A former Blackhawk crew chief who admits he initially fought his recruiting assignment led his recruiting station team not only to achieve 100 percent of the station's regular Army and Army Reserve missions for the second quarter, but also to the top in the battalion.

Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Reuting, Indianapolis Recruiting BattalionAca,!a,,cs February Station Commander of the Month, has been a recruiter for four years and a station commander for more than two. He has eight recruiters in his Collinsville, Ill., recruiting station.

"For me, I try to do the best job every day, all the time. I didn't think about it [winning Station Commander of the Month] but if someone deems me worthy of that honor, then it will happen," he said.

ReutingAca,!a,,cs team overproduced their entire second quarter mission in January and February for both regular Army and Army Reserve with 240 percent mission accomplishment for February, according to Indianapolis Battalion Command Sgt. Maj. Marcus Robinson.

"Everything [in March] is gravy," said Robinson.

"His station has taken zero Future Soldier losses for the entire quarter and only one for the entire year,Aca,!A? he said. Aca,!A"Collinsville Recruiting Station is not only processing a large amount of applicants but they are shipping them off. Reuting is not only leading, training and mentoring; he is clearly setting standards for all to follow. He has one of the best high school programs in the battalion."

Since becoming a recruiter, Reuting said he likes influencing the futures of young men and women.

"As an NCO tasked to accomplish the mission, whatever it may be, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability," he said.

Fairview Heights Company 1st Sgt. Calvin Hamby said that Reuting not only works hard in the recruiting station but also in his professional development. He has completed the first phase of the first sergeant course and is working on the first phase of the guidance counselor course.

"He's been a consistent station commander the whole time I've been here," Hamby said. "He is the top station commander for the company."

The station has seen several changes since Reuting arrived. When Reuting started at the Collinsville Recruiting Station, civilians were working as recruiters.

"There was not a military presence there," Reuting said. "They only got paid for a contract when they shipped out, so they didn't even work the high schools."

Reuting quickly went to the high schools, introduced himself, conducted meetings explaining the need for an Army presence in their schools, asked how he could help and offered Army programs, such as the March2Success, which is a free, self-paced online course that offers quality test preparation for the standardized tests and enhance math, science and English skills to students over the age of 13.

Although he did due diligence in all 12 of the Collinsville area schools, Metro East Lutheran School was the only school that was not only receptive, but immediately ready to work with Reuting. The entire junior class of Metro East Lutheran School is enrolled in the March2Success program.

"This school has opened its doors to the Collinsville Recruiting Station and is taking full advantage of the program for their Scholastic Aptitude Test, American College Testing and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery prep courses," Reuting said.

With his dedication to the mission, Reuting takes no credit for his accomplishments but gives credit to his team. "I am very involved with my team. They are more than just Soldiers to me. They are friends and family and we are a very close knit organization," he said.

"The hard work and dedication of my Soldiers is paramount. I have a great team that wants to win and be successful. They are the ones that made it happen."