CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait---Cmdr. Calvin M. Foster, outgoing company commander of the Navy Law and Order Detachment H relinquished command of his detachment to Cmdr. Timothy J. Bartley, incoming commander of Navy Law and Order Detachment I, Oct. 14, 2010.

Foster, a Crofton, Maryland native, has led the NLOD-H for the past 12 months, working closely with Third Army in a joint effort, as well as with Host Nation emergency service workers to provide a highly effective force of first responders.

"Our mission here was to support Third Army and to provide efficient and effective law enforcement, fire and emergency services to all the camps and bases in Kuwait. My secondary mission was to build partnerships with the Kuwaitis and all the other joint services out here for exercises and to improve our capabilities to do all those things," said Foster.

The NLOD-H has built a strong working relationship with both Kuwaiti fire and law enforcement services through training exercises at Kuwaiti training facilities and through responding to real-world emergencies in a combined effort.

"I'd like to thank Cdr. Foster for all of his cooperation and for establishing such a good relationship. I hope in the future that we can have more success and maintain our good relationship," said Maj. Eshaq A. Al-Qattan, commander of the Kuwait Naval Institute.

Foster credits Host Nation facilities and personnel as a large part of NLOD-H's success.

"He partnered with us to conduct fire services training and coordination," said Foster of his relationship with Al-Qattan. "He has a fire training facility that's top notch; its world-class. He allows our team to use that facility so we can improve and get better. It's been fantastic to share our partnership not only here as we support Third Army, but also being able to serve with my brothers in the Navy."

As incoming commander, Bartley, a Lake City, Texas native, has high expectations for NLOD-I and hopes to further strengthen the relationship the detachment shares with Third Army and Host Nation emergency services.

"My goals are for everyone on our team, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and civilians alike, to work together as a team so we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We're here to assist, protect, and defend the people who serve on these bases here in Kuwait," said Bartley. "We're here to strengthen relations and achieve a closer working relationship with our Kuwaiti counterparts as well."

As Foster passed the reins to Bartley, he reflected on a year of success and wished Bartley a year of the same. As he parted, he left the new commander a bit of advice to make the mission move as smoothly as possible.

"Keep sharp and continue to exercise your skills; practice a lot," said Foster. "In our world, in incident response, you have to get things right the first time. I'd like to thank Third Army and Area Support Group- Kuwait for their partnership."