LEGORN ARMY DEPOT, Italy - The 3rd Battalion, 405th Army Field Support Brigade sent a shipment of humanitarian aid supplies to Pakistan Aug. 13, as requested by the U.S. Agency for International Development. An element of Army Sustainment Command, the battalion stores and ships USAID materiel on demand.

"We received a request to send 1,310 rolls of heavy-duty, waterproof plastic sheeting to Pakistan immediately in order to assist USAID in its disaster relief efforts," said Alberto Chidini, who manages the USAID program for the battalion. "The plastic sheeting will be used by USAID to construct temporary shelters for families whose homes have been damaged or swept away by the flood waters."

Lt. Col. Richard Pierce, commander of the 3rd Bn., 405th AFSB, is proud that his organization plays such an integral part in international relief efforts such as these.

"I have only been in command a short time and am already awed by the international scope and reach of our mission," Pierce said. "I am pleased that we have the ability to assist in relieving human suffering throughout the world, and I truly believe that support to these humanitarian missions is one of the most important missions that our battalion has."

The plastic sheeting was removed from the warehouse, packed for shipping and then trucked to the Pisa International Airport. The shipment left Pisa for Islamabad Aug. 14.

The 3rd Bn., 405th AFSB is responsible for the storage and maintenance of USAID emergency humanitarian assistance commodities under an interagency agreement between the Army and the U.S. State Department