FORT HOOD, Texas - Hearing Do-Si-Dos, Samoas and Tagalongs in a conversation can make someone think of either dancing or Girl Scouts. For the 1st Cavalry Division it meant the latter and their cookies.

Girl Scouts Madison Gray and Gillian Herman, both in fifth grade, and their group leader, Dina Gray, from the northeastern Texas Girl Scout Troop 8737, drove three hours from Frisco, Texas, June 7, to donate 116 boxes of assorted Girl Scout Cookies to 1st Cav. Div. Soldiers.

Typically the Girl Scouts of the U.S. send all donated cookies to Soldiers deployed overseas. However, Troop 8737 and the city of Frisco wanted their cookies to stay in Texas and more specifically the 1st Cav. Div.

The girls first met with the division Chaplain (Lt. Col) Barbara Sherer, received a giant card signed by those who donated cookies from Frisco and the 116 boxes of cookies on behalf of the division.

Sherer mentioned how impressed she was when she found out that these young women, along with their troop leader, drove all that way just to bring the cookies here. She also said that this is a great way to recognize Soldiers who have returned back from combat.

The girls personally delivered cookies to the division's command group and the Horse Detachment where they received tokens of appreciation such as coins and lapel pins. They were also told of the division's history as well as some jobs within the Army.

When the girls were asked why they drove so far to deliver the cookies Gillian said "I thought it would be fun to deliver the cookies to the Soldiers and learn about the military."

Toward the end of the girl's impromptu tour of the division Dina said that their motive for donating the cookies to Fort Hood and the division revolved around them wanting to keep the cookies in Texas, the Nov. 5 tragedy on Fort Hood and the returning of the division from Iraq.

Upon conclusion of the visit, Sherer said she plans to take the cookies and divide them up between the brigades and the division headquarters to ensure there is a cookie opportunity throughout the division.