Fort Carson to receive electric vehicles

By Anissa Connell, Fort Carson Public Affairs OfficeMay 4, 2023

Fort Carson to receive electric vehicles
FORT CARSON, Colo. — An electric vehicle charging station is located near the Regional Network Enterprise Center on Fort Carson. (Photo Credit: Photo by Anissa Connell) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT CARSON, Colo. – Fort Carson received 25 electric vehicles as part of an initial push to continue with efforts to sustain the environment.

The Ford F150 Lightning trucks are new 2022 models and can run approximately 250 miles on a full charge. However, since there are no active charging stations across post, the current fleet of electric vehicles is not being used.

“They’re incredibly quiet and feel good to drive. They also accelerate very rapidly. Overall, their performance is very good,” said Joe Wyka, director of Public Works.

To accommodate the electric vehicles, there will be 11 charging stations across Fort Carson, each able to charge two government vehicles at a time.

The first six charging stations will be up and running by June, according to Wyka. The rest of the locations of the charging stations are still being finalized.

Installation Management Command has contracted the construction of these solar-powered charging stations and is working to make all the charging stations permanent in the coming years.

These charging stations are strictly for government vehicle use only.

Additional electric vehicles beyond the initial 25 are expected, but supply chain challenges and technology issues have made this difficult, according to Sean Bogren, Energy Manager.

“The benefit of electricity is you can generate it in so many ways. You can generate it with solar, with wind, in a camper, and with hydropower,” said Wyka. “Electricity is going to be the fuel of tomorrow.”

According to the Army Climate Strategy, the Army intends to replace all non-tactical vehicles with electric vehicles by 2027, said Bogren.