The 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade delivered two water buffaloes requested by the City of Killeen in response to the current boil water notice in Killeen, Oct. 22.

Sgt. Michael Morgan and Cpl. Davanan Deonarain, both of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, and Sgt. Noah Cadelina and Sgt. Samantha Osegura, both of 120th Quartermaster Company, were the Troopers who delivered the two water buffaloes.

“Given the history of the 1st Cavalry Division, we’re the First Team, and always the first ones to show up,” said Cpt. Alejandra Patrick, Special Troops Battalion S3 OIC.

After the water buffaloes were handed to the City of Killeen Fire Department, they were taken to be filled at a neighboring community whose water contains chlorine levels in guidance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The purpose of this mission is to provide clean drinking water to those Killeen residents who are not able to boil their own water, for whatever reason.

“We want to ensure that all of our residents have access to clean drinking water,” said James Kubinski, City of Killeen Fire Department Fire Chief. “If our water bottle resources are to run out, we now have a plan B with the water buffaloes.”

The City of Killeen Water Department is taking 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. calls seven days a week to ensure everyone in need of clean water is given an opportunity to receive it.

The response time to receive clean water is expected to be 3 to 4 hours after the initial request.

“I was in direct communication with the City of Killeen and they were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of our Troopers and their timeliness to drop it off,” said Patrick. “I think that speaks wonders for us as an organization and why people reach out to us for assistance.”