LVIV, Ukraine -- The team assembled at Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine (JMTG-U) of Task Force Illini personnel has considerable experience with the anti-armor weapon system.Task Force Illini’s Mayor Cell Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) Master Sgt. Kristofer Reynolds of St. Peters, Illinois, has completed the gunner course and is qualified to train gunner instructors. Brigade advisor NCOIC Sgt. Maj. Michael Alvis of Champaign, Illinois, previously served as a heavy anti-armor infantryman.“The Armed Forces Ukraine soldiers are very enthusiastic about the training we are providing and it gives our soldiers a unique opportunity to instruct their training team directly,” said Alvis.The Javelin training effort allows Task Force Illini personnel to switch from an advisory role to hands-on instruction over several weeks. Additional Task Force Illini Soldiers will receive training over several weeks that will certify them to teach AFU instructors the proper use of the weapon system using simulators.“The advantage of using simulators is that we can put students into several different scenarios such as acquiring multiple targets, moving targets and target discrimination between friendly and enemy vehicles without firing a live missile,” said Alvis.Alvis said instruction in this way provides soldiers an effective means to get comfortable with the weapon system without the associated costs of expending live ammunition.He said Javelin training will be a part of an ongoing effort to mentor and advise the 209th Separate Anti-tank Battalion.Task Force Illini is the command element of Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine, which is responsible for training, advising and mentoring the Ukrainian cadre at Combat Training Center-Yavoriv, Ukraine in order to improve Armed Forces Ukraine’s training capacity and defense capabilities.