Aviation Ground Power Unit

By PEO AviationSeptember 22, 2020

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The Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU) 1.0 is the current ground power unit supporting Army Aviation aircraft ground maintenance requirements. It is required to maintain Army Aircraft and improve Army Aviation Readiness. The primary function of the AGPU is to provide AC and DC electrical, pneumatic air start pressure and flow, and hydraulic pressure and flow to rotary wing platforms during ground maintenance while reducing the need to operate the platform engines.

The AGPU 1.0 provides ground maintenance requirements for Alternating Current (AC) 400 Hertz 115/200 Volt, Direct Current (DC) 28 Volt, hydraulic pressure and flow and pneumatic air power. AGPU 1.1 will meet increased ground power unit servicing requirements for the CH-47 fleet as well as support the legacy rotary wing fleet of aircraft.

In development, the AGPU 1.1 will provide increased AC electrical power, increased pneumatic air pressure for air starts and increased hydraulic flow for CH-47 maintenance. While continuing to provide 350 amps of DC electrical power, the AGPU 1.1 will provide hydraulic purification to remove air, water and particulates from hydraulic fluid and will include a diesel engine capable of operating six hours between refueling to support CH-47 ground maintenance.

The future AGPU 2.0 will be designed to meet the emerging requirements of the Future Vertical Lift platforms.

Download the Aviation Ground Power Unit Fact Sheet [PDF - 298 KB]