At an unveiling ceremony April 17, two new historic markers were revealed. The new plaques mark 4 locations -- "Old Trooper" monument and Cavalry Parade Field on one and Quarters 1 and Forsyth Avenue on the other. They are part of a project that was started in 2017, said Maggy Gray, president of the Historical and Archaeological Society of Fort Riley."When they installed the first three plaques in 2017, I thought that was such a cool project," she said. "I joined the HASFR board after that, and I hoped that this was something that we could keep going. And it turns out, it's a lot harder than I think any of us anticipated. Between the research and the permission and who to talk to, it required a lot of moving parts and a lot of people doing things. So, finally seeing it come to fruition is so rewarding. I think it's a wonderful legacy project for Fort Riley."Seven markers were installed during the current phase of the project.After the unveiling, attendees were invited to visit Custer House for the viewing of the new Buffalo Soldier display. The traveling display features historic photos of Buffalo Soldiers during the early 1900s.Troopers from the Buffalo Soldiers 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Joseph Louis Barrow Chapter in Junction City were in attendance for the viewing including Lawrence Reece, chapter president."That mural is beautiful," he said. "Absolutely beautiful and just to see that living history it's beautiful."When asked about being part of the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, he said it felt good."And I can take it a little bit further," he said. "I have a direct ancestor that came through here in 1867, Troop C, 10th Cav."Gray said the display will be housed at the Temporary Museum, 247 Cameron Ave., until it moves to Manhattan for its first stop.DID YOU KNOW?The three historic markers placed in 2017 feature the U.S. Cavalry Museum, Custer House and the Main Post Chapel, St. Mary's Chapel and the Chaplain's quarters -- building 123.The seven new markers feature Quarters 1 and Forsyth Avenue, Cavalry Parade Field and "Old Trooper" Monument, Garrison Headquarters, the Ogden Monument, Artillery Parade Field, the Hay storage area/Fort Riley Dog Park and the Trolley Depot.