FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. (May 7, 2009) - Being a military wife is not the same as a normal wife. I do tend to the home and my family as others do; however I do my grocery shopping on a military base and I am part of a close-knit society.

When I attend meetings, it's not about where to buy the latest trends or children's clothes or the next play date but what to do and how to handle deployments.

My husband has been serving our country as a Soldier for the past 12 years and he recently came home from deployment. (This was our first deployment together.)

The time prior to, during and after the overall deployment has been hard on our family. We had meetings to attend before deployment, of what to expect as the Soldiers got ready and where to meet up to deploy out of the country.

Saying goodbye to my loving husband was very hard and our son was too young to remember anything.

During the deployment, my husband stayed in contact with me as often as he could, through e-mails, instant messaging and phone calls. I stayed busy traveling with my father, visiting family, but severely missing my husband.

Our son turned a year old while his father was fighting "the bad guys." The mid-tour break came and left before we knew it. The remainder of the tour went by a lot faster.

Towards the end of the tour, about a month before the Soldiers were to start coming home, there were some meetings I attended. These were to help inform me of what information I needed and how things were to happen. Finally the day came when my husband was to be landing, I was overjoyed with excitement!

I have enjoyed having my husband back home; to wake up to him in the morning instead of a pillow next to me. I won't have so much trouble, anymore, potty training our son; Daddy gets that job now.

Deployments are not easy; it took a lot of patience and personal strength and love to overcome it. I do not look forward to another deployment, but I am better prepared and will always be here for my husband, through and through.