A key part of the recent Team Redstone security assistance effort to support Combatant Commander's requirements has been supplied by the Aviation and Missile Command's Logistics Support Facility contract. Specifically, the former Dunlop tire manufacturing facility has been transformed into a state-of-the-art Army aviation support location proving that 'Readiness is a Team Sport.'

Current Afghanistan Security Forces requirements include procuring UH-60A helicopters from U.S. Army stocks to begin replacing the Afghan Air Force's aging, Russian-made Mi-17 rotorcraft. Under the oversight of AMCOM's John Caraway, maintaining Afghan Air Force UH-60 helicopters is an integral LSF contract feature which began in 1999. Currently, the facility workforce performs maintenance and training services for the Afghan Air Force's future fleet of UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters.

"The Logistics Support Facility provides programmatic, systems engineering and contractual subject matter expertise to support a broad spectrum of modification for present and former U.S. Army aircraft systems to all aviation customers, including Foreign Military Sales and other Government Agencies," John Caraway, Facility Chief said. "The LSF, as a government/industry partnership, also provides customers rapid-response support, facilitated by a competitive contract ordering vehicle with high-quality Original Equipment Manufacturer like capabilities."

More than 150 Black Hawks, divested from U.S. Army stock, will be shipped to Afghanistan over the next five years, according to Giovanni Estrada, the Afghanistan country program manager at the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command at Redstone Arsenal. The Army Black Hawks will replace the AAF's aging fleet of Soviet Mi-17 aircraft.

"This is the direct result of dedicated efforts by PEO Aviation, USASAC, AMCOM and other organizations that have worked tirelessly to execute the delivery of an incredible capability and combat multiplier to the Afghan Air Force," Brig. Gen. Thomas Todd, Program Executive Officer Aviation said. "This transfer of UH-60s along with the training of Afghan pilots is vital to developing their ability to meet their growing demand for air support."

The LSF also supports the Program Executive Officer Soldier, Intelligence Electronic Warfare Systems, the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, FBI, Border Patrol and State Department, under the contract which began in 1999.

"We provide direct support to the field - to achieve Army priorities - with significant schedule and cost savings while maintaining high-quality standards," Caraway said.