PYEONGTAEK, South Korea - The United States Army Material Support Command, Korean Service Corps Battalion and 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command conducted their annual mobilization and Wartime Host Nation Support exercises at Pyeongil elementary school in Pyeongtaek City Aug. 9-11.The purpose of the mobilization exercise was to standardize mobilization station in-processing procedures, verify logistic support channels and improve mobilization station operation members' capabilities to deploy and operate the station.This exercise was done in coordination with the Pyeongtaek City Government Officials, and the Republic of Korea Army 52nd Homeland Reserve Division, who play a vital role in the success of these events with planning and coordination.The WHNS exercise objectives were to improve understanding of WHNS mobilization transfer procedures and to validate that WHNS assets meet mobilization requirements based on ROKA WHNS plans and the KSC Mobilization Station plan.The WHNS program provides resources and assistance from the Republic of Korea to support U.S. Army operations during a contingency. The resources include trucks, ambulances, fuel tankers and refrigerator trucks. Both of these exercises support the KSC's ability to activate a general and skilled labor force while receiving WHNS assets.KSC Mobilization officer Oh, Ki Ho said the purpose of the exercise is training for their wartime mission in support of the Korean government and the United States military.KSC executive officer Maj. Willie Harris III emphasized the importance of the training."It is important because we are practicing all the necessary steps in order to be successful if contingency operations do occur, so everyone is familiar with the process and also to find better ways to enhance our capabilities," Harris said.The exercise began at the holding area and was followed by six different stations. At station one, the KSCs received a basic physical examination. At station two, they were issued an M50 protective mask and learned how to use it. At station three, their personal information is entered in the KSC Form 12. At station four, they are issued Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment. At station five, they learn Army Warrior Training. At station six, they received a Geneva Convention card.KSC member Kim, Kwan Hong, a former Army 1st Lieutenant offered an insight into the exercise."This year's mobilization resources are directly mobilized to provide hands-on training but we need to make efforts to become more practical," he said.