KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT -- Major General Blake C. Ortner, 29th Infantry Division Commanding General, met with Lawrence Silverman, United States Ambassador to Kuwait to discuss the Intermediate Division Headquarters' role while deployed here. Ortner spoke to the Division's value at the tactical and operational level. Ortner discussed the Division's mission with Silverman; to help serve as a deterrent to provide regional stability and peace as part of Operation Spartan Shield (OSS). The Division has three priorities: building partner capacity among partner armies, improving the readiness of its assigned forces, and being ready to conduct unified land operations in a contingency."We need to be aware of cultural sensitivities so we don't hinder our progress over a misunderstanding," said Ortner.Recently, OSS Soldiers have participated in multiple training exercises with the Kuwaiti Land Forces. The partnered training allows participants to exchange information, resolve common hindrances and prepare for future execution of tactics, techniques and procedures. A product of training exercises is to build greater cooperation among countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The key leaders continued to discuss the political environment and the changing state of Kuwait. Next, Ortner discussed the next steps by which to continue to build upon the opportunity that 29ID's arrival has provided and to improve communication and mutual understanding of capabilities. In preparation for their deployment to Kuwait, 29ID Soldiers were instructed on cultural awareness and conducted sensitivity training. This training is required on a quarterly basis. Soldiers practiced what they learned through planning efforts for combined training to enable combined operations. The Soldiers are committed to fostering relationships to reaffirm support for the long term sustainment of security and stability.