KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT -- Maj. Gen. Blake C. Ortner, 29th Infantry Division Commanding General, was a key leader speaker at the Kuwait International Air Power and Defense Symposium held on March 27, 2017. Ortner spoke on the topic of key imperatives and objectives for a unified mission command in Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD).SEGMA, an Aerospace company which coordinated the event, held the symposium to focus on air power and air defense. The symposium was held in honor of the Kuwait Ministry of Defense and in commemoration of the 1991 Liberation of Kuwait."Our successful combined IAMD execution is not just what our systems can do, but how we integrate and successfully employ them to defend the Arabian Gulf," said Maj. Gen. Blake Ortner. "Through combined multi-national exercises, we can improve academics, tactics and strengthen the collective defense."Key leaders and members participated from the following organizations: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, the Kuwait Air Force, the Kuwait Army's General Staff Headquarters, the Saudi Air Force, the Pakistani Air Force, the Bahraini Air Force, the Jordanian Air Force, the French Air Force, the U.S. Army 32nd Army Air Missile and Defense Command, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, the 29th Infantry Division, Lockheed Martin and Boeing Airborne Surveillance Command and Control.The symposium captured Gulf Region capabilities and strengthened international relationships between the participants.