A myriad of white T-shirts lined the football field Aug. 20 at Fort Jackson's Youth Services Complex for the start of the second annual Back to School Color Run."Run it if you want to, walk it or skip it. It's all about having fun," said Darius Lane, the Youth Sports and Fitness Director, to the crowd of excited kids and adults ready to take part in the day's activities. Lane said the idea to have the event came from noticing how popular color runs were becoming."There were a lot of color runs happening, but none of them were really catered just for kids," he said. "I thought this would be a good way to get our kids active and have fun at the same time."As participants competed in the one-mile run, staff members tossed colored paint on them at various stations around the field.Sgt. Maurice Graham II, who brought his children to the run, said the event was more than he expected."I thought we were just going to run up and down the field and that's it," he said. "But then we kept running and went up hills and I was like wow. This was really great."The event turned into a field day after the run.Kids had the opportunity to go rock climbing, play with water balloons and get temporary tattoos.