Tactical Digital Media

By U.S. ArmyJune 27, 2018

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Tactical Digital Media provides the Army a state-of-the-art, standardized and resourced set of capabilities for the collection and processing of digital media and visual information products within a tactical network operations environment.

In today's operating environment, Public Affairs teams are often dispatched with combat patrols and small units that deploy to remote locations. Tactical Digital Media kits allow these teams to gather, process and deliver audio files, digital imagery and visual media in austere environments. TDM operations rely on U.S., allied and coalition common tactical networks available at the supported unit. TDM kits include cameras and video equipment, laptops, night-vision devices and audio capabilities. TDM aids globally deployed Combat Camera teams, PA detachments and Military Information Support and Operation teams operating from tactical command posts, forward operating bases, combat outposts and forward deployed combat patrols. Commanders supported by TDM capabilities are provided timely imagery and multimedia information products that facilitate operational analysis, planning, training and documentation, as well as the digital media content essential to informing and influencing activities to support strategic engagement. TDM products are designed to communicate information, record historical events, support decision-making and provide accurate information.


Tactical Media Acquisition Kit includes hybrid photo/video devices with high-definition lenses to provide the user with a broad range of versatility in capturing photographs and video.

Digital Video Acquisition Kit includes audio/visual products, such as handheld camcorders to provide digital recording and peripherals to support versatility and adaptability in a tactical operational environment.

Night-Vision Devices enable images to be produced in a range of low-light environments in support of a full-spectrum operations.

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