Command Post Computing Environment

By U.S. ArmyJune 29, 2018

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The Command Post Computing Environment, under the direction of Product Manager Tactical Mission Command, provides a common framework (Common Infrastructure/ Common Services) upon which future Warfighter capabilities can be built. CP CE is one of six computing environments under the Common Operating Environment. CP CE provides command and control and situational awareness capabilities development at echelons that span from Army service component commands to company level. CP CE will be the most critical computing environment developed to support command posts in combat operations.

The goal of CP CE is to eliminate stove-piped legacy systems and provide an integrated, interoperable, cyber-secure, cost-effective computing infrastructure framework for multiple warfighting functions. CP CE will provide programs of record with a core infrastructure, including a common operating picture tool, common data strategy, common applications such as mapping and chat, common hardware configurations, and common look and feel (user interface). This will allow rapid development of future capabilities within that construct. This effort eliminates duplicative or redundant implementations, simplifies future development efforts, and enhances interoperability and data sharing across multiple echelons. Acquisition goals of CP CE include acquisition agility, open system architectures, reduced lifecycle costs, and a cyber-hardened foundation for applications and services.


CP CE provides an integrated mission command capability across command post and platforms, through all echelons, that provides simplicity, intuitiveness, core services and applications, common look and feel, and warfighter functionality in the areas of fires, logistics, intelligence, airspace management and maneuver.

CP CE offers a common geospatial solution (map) and common data services, including an extensible database and data persistence. The system is designed to reduce the training burden on the Soldier. The creation of an Integrated Software Development Kit allows external PoRs the ability to integrate new capabilities without rebuilding common components.

CP CE will field a commercial-off-the-shelf hardware server and related components. The CP CE software will reside on converged Tactical Server Infrastructure v2 server stacks, which host multiple software infrastructure components including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Defensive Cyber Operations tools, SQL databases, Active Directory. This enterprise software is tightly coupled with, and engineered for, specific TSI hardware using virtual machine technology. It must serve as the basis for all other warfighting functions and mission command system software loaded on the server.

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