The Old Guard celebrated the activation of 4th Battalion in Conmy Hall, Fort Myer on Dec. 18.
On June 3, 1784, the battalion began as a company of the First American Regiment. After several reactivations and redesignations throughout the centuries, 4th battalion was redesignated to the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment on Oct. 1, 2005.
Today's 4th battalion consists of Headquarters Company, Company A, Honor Guard Company, 529th Support Company, 289th Military Police Company, and the Fife and Drum Corps.
"The 4th battalion has a unique mission set of capabilities," said Lt. Col. Jaime Martinez, 4th Battalion commander. "We provide world class ceremonial support, prepared to respond to support civil authorities and can tactically deploy formations in support of Global War on Terrorism."
The new battalion joins the rest of the Old Guard in showcasing the Army to our nations' citizens and the world and to render honors of our fallen comrades in Arlington National Cemetery.
As the Army's newest Modified Table of Organization & Equipment battalion, 4th battalion meets the needs that are significantly different from the Basic TOE, an organizational design document based on a unit's current doctrine and available equipment for structure and wartime requirements. An MTOE is a document that modifies a BTOE in regard to a specific unit.
"As an MTOE battalion, we're a designator for deployable assets," said Martinez, "which means the Army is constantly rotating units to deploy and we have more than enough people to meet those requirements."
Lt. Col. Martinez calls his Soldiers 'Warriors' which inspired him to designate the battalion's motto, 'VINDICIAE CONTRA TYRANNOS' meaning "a defense of liberty against the tyrants."
"The 4th Battalion has a unique history serving the Army," said Martinez. "Given our mission, this motto captures not only legacy but the challenging tasks we may face in the upcoming future."
The January chill isn't stopping the 4th battalion from successfully accomplishing their missions.
The Warrior Battalion started off the new year supporting the 56th Presidential Inauguration along with preparing Soldiers and leaders for ceremonial and tactical proficiency.