There is still time for commuters to impact the future of Fort Belvoir transportation, by taking the transportation survey.
The deadline to take the survey has been extended to July 1 so that more servicemembers, civilians, Family members and contractors can voice their opinions and concerns, according to Staci Hill-Good, Fort Belvoir Plans, Analysis and Integration Office plans specialist.
"Currently, we have more than 2,061 people who have participated in the survey," she said. "We are striving for a minimum of 3,300 participants."
Transportation decision-makers plan to use the survey to help improve commuting options in the future, Hill-Good said.
"The primary goal of this survey is to gauge the current number of single occupancy vehicles entering our installation on a daily basis and to broaden the range of alternative modes of transportation available to all Fort Belvoir employees and residents," she said.
The survey, which opened May 1, asks commuters about their primary means of travel, gate usage, commuting distance, and what other forms of transportation -- such as vans, carpools, shuttles or buses -- they might be willing to try. It seeks to discover why commuters might be unwilling to use alternate forms of transportation, instead of driving a single occupancy vehicle.
To take the survey, visit or click on the survey link located on the Fort Belvoir garrison web page.
The entire survey takes less than five minutes, Hill-Good said. She wished to encourage all commuters to take the survey as soon as possible.
"Your unique situations and opinions are important to us, so we encourage you to take this opportunity to be frank with your answers," she said.
Survey results are expected to be published by the end of July.