FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- A unique training event will digitally link a unit at a Combat Training Center with a home station unit, helping commanders create dynamic exercises.
The Global Simulation Capability (GSC) of the National Simulation Center (NSC) is working with the 10th Mountain Division on this new type of training exercise. The NSC is a subordinate organization of the Combined Arms Center -- Training (CAC-T), Fort Leavenworth.
"Linking units at home station to units conducting training at the CTCs provides commanders increased opportunities for multi-echelon and combined arms training," said Brig. Gen. Mike Lundy, deputy commanding general of CAC-T. "This provides commanders an expanded range of options to train mission command at lower costs while maximizing the higher fidelity of the CTC environment. "
Starting June 10, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light) will begin a rotation at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk, La.
Simultaneously, the division's sustainment brigade will conduct a command post exercise at Fort Drum, N.Y., the division's headquarters. The Logistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate of the NSC worked with the sustainment brigade to develop a scenario incorporating logistics data coming from the JRTC rotation.
Col. Chris Ballard, chief of the GSC, said, "This initial linkage between a rotational unit at a dirt CTC and a higher headquarters creates opportunities for commanders to help make their home station training more of a CTC-like experience by leveraging CTC capabilities through simulation technology."
Live data from JRTC will feed a constructive simulation to the 10th Sustainment Brigade's Mission Command Systems at Fort Drum. The Mission Command Systems will interpret the 3rd BCT's JRTC logistics status. The exercise is a one-way data feed to Fort Drum, meaning the sustainment brigade will not be able to influence the CTC exercise
Nevertheless, the effort demonstrates the possibilities of linking a CTC rotation with a unit at home station. In the future, a CTC exercise will be able to influence a home station's constructive scenario through non-kinetic effects, logistics, intelligence and kinetic events.
Col. John Janiszewski, director of the NSC, said, "The ability to link a home station training event to a maneuver CTC rotation provides units with a relatively low-cost capability to tailor training for basic battle tracking, battle drill rehearsals and even a complex command post exercise."
The link will help commanders revive home station training by reducing costs, improving the complexity of the Operational Environment for training exercises, and challenging leaders and staffs to maintain operations-based readiness in line with the Chief of Staff's guidance.
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