Product Director Contingency Base Infrastructure would like to help make the base camp planning processes, requisite materiel and long-term sustainment more predictable.

Standardizing base camps could achieve efficiencies, save money

By using materiel already in its inventory, the Army could establish base camps that are more efficient and save money....READ MORE



Mission Statement:
Conduct research, development, acquisition and sustainment to maximize combat effectiveness and survivability of freedom's defenders.

Vision Statement:
The U.S. Army NSSC will be the leader of the research, development, acquisition and sustainment of freedom's defenders.

NSSC Objectives:
* Structure a sustainable NSSC
* Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation, which creates synergy across the Natick Soldier Systems Center
* Develop a strategic plan for the installation
* NSSC as an active participant in the community


We're at a unique time right now in our nation's history, and really what we are going to be asked to do as an Army, it makes the work here all the more important and relevant, all of a sudden. We have such a unique mission set that that should, in and of itself, create a sense of urgency amongst our team, and I hope it does.

Our goal, no matter what we're working on, should always be to succeed on behalf of what our nation has asked us to do, which is to take care of citizens who have volunteered to defend our country. This is the only organization with the centerpiece being the Soldier. If we don't get it right, nobody will.

We provide and we equip the man and the woman, the son and daughter of our nation. That's what makes the Army unique. It really is all about the Soldiers.

Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Todd III Senior Mission Commander Natick Soldier Systems Center

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