FORT BLISS, Texas -- Music in its various forms has been used as therapy for many years - used to heal the soul, to speak to the mind, to help one pull through a circumstance, be it an awful breakup, the loss of a loved one, or in Friday's instance, a wounded Soldier.

Many were found dancing and jumping out of their seats in praise Friday evening at Sage Hall Chapel here where the first Wounded Warrior Praise Concert brought 224 people together in worship.

Lt. Col. Pearlean Scott, pastor at Sage Hall, who doubles as the William Beaumont Army Medical Center chaplain, said it was on her heart to find a way to reach out to the wounded warriors, to encourage them and inspire hope in them; to bring the realization that they can overcome the odds in life.

Scott said music was the best way to reach these goals because "songs and music bring healing to our heart and to our soul. Music can reach everybody. Music transcends faith and it brings down all the barriers."

The venue featured Melvin Jones and the Word of Life praise team, and Karen Twitty, wife of Fort Bliss' deputy commanding general, Brig. Gen. Stephen Twitty, as a soloist. While the Word of Life team performed contemporary tunes to upbeat rhythms, Twitty sang beautifully "familiar" gospel classics like "Oh Happy Day," "Safe in His Arms" and "It is Well with My Soul."

"I brought the old school out," said Twitty, who filled in for scheduled headliner Clint Brown after he fell upon sudden illness and was unable to travel.

"I wanted to worship with the wounded warriors," said Twitty. "My heart was here to come and praise and worship before I [was asked to] sing. ... We just enjoy worshipping with as many of our fellow Christians in El Paso as we can."

Twitty said the concert "felt right" to her and she was happy to be there as a participant and an audience member.

"This evening was just so incredible," said Twitty. "It was so uplifting."

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