BAGHDAD - Spc. Seth Crowell, a nuclear, biological, chemical operations specialist assigned to Company A, Division Special Troops Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, Multi-National Division - Baghdad, has been recognized by members of his command for his ability to step outside the traditional role of an NBC specialist, and to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of military necessity.

Crowell, a native of Forestville, N.Y., who started his military career in the Army Reserve, chose to go active duty a little over a year ago. Shortly after going active, he deployed to Iraq in January 2009, with the 1st Cavalry Division. His decision to join the military, he said, was based on trying to straighten out his life.

"I was looking for something different," said Crowell.

And it seems to have been a good choice.

"Spec. Crowell has exceeded our expectations," said Capt. Robert Texter, commander of Co. A, from Philadelphia, Pa.

According to Texter, Crowell has the ability to remain flexible and because of this, was assigned as the personnel status report manager, a job which requires Crowell to track over 450 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen throughout the MND-B area.

"He is working well outside of his [military operations specialty]. He has a lot of knowledge - he keeps so much knowledge about individuals," said Texter.

Additionally, Crowell was in charge of issuing out and tracking over 142,000 rounds of ammunition for various weapons systems, a role that some might find surprising for a specialist with only two years of experience in the Army.

"He is very squared away, very reliable," said Sgt. Orianna Martinez, a native of Forest City, N. C., the company's supply sergeant and Crowell's former supervisor.

But winning awards isn't the only area in which Crowell excels. He seems to be an all-around good Soldier.

"He has a [physical fitness] score of 290, he shoots expert on the M16, and he has qualified at the level 1 Army combatives course," said Sgt. James Alfred, from Uncasville, Conn., the training non-commissioned officer in charge for Co. A, and Crowell's current supervisor.

"He has good goals. He's constantly trying to improve upon himself," said Alfred.

While Crowell does not currently see himself as a career active duty Soldier, the 22 year-old says he has tentative plans to return to the Army Reserve once this enlistment is over. Additionally, he is planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, which he has been working on throughout this deployment through the Army Military University online. Crowell also said he is looking forward to reuniting with his fiancAfAe, whom he plans to marry, after returning to the states.

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