FORT BLISS, Texas-- Maj. Gen. Terry A. Wolff, commanding general of the 1st Armored Division, visited Fort Bliss July 6-9 to assess unit conditions and speak with Soldiers. Currently there are three 1st Armored Div. brigade combat teams activated at Fort Bliss. The division's headquarters is expected to be at Fort Bliss in 2011. The following are Wolff's responses to questions asked during his landmark visit.

Q: What is the basic premise for your trip to Fort Bliss'

A: I was invited by (Major) General Bromberg and the Fort Bliss team to take a tour of the installation. It's my maiden voyage here as the commanding general of 1st Armored Division. I'm here to see how the growth of the division footprint has changed over time.

Q: What are your impressions of the post and its training areas so far'

A: During this visit, I haven't seen the training areas but I have seen the growth and the changes taking place. I previously trained and served here during summer rotations. Therefore, I have the pleasure of seeing it over about the last 20 years. Noting the development and the changes has been one of the reasons for the visit.

Q: Why is Fort Bliss a good fit for the 1st Armored Division'

A: Certainly, the expansive training grounds and desert environment must be acknowledged as a benefit but also this is a good community, a great place to live and work.

Q: What issues are you addressing with your Soldiers in some of the preparation to deploy'

A: While I am here, the key is to take stock of where the units are in the deployment cycle. Seeing what the issues are for elements of the 4th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, who are deployed and elements of the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, who are in the process of training for preparation for deployment.

Q: What are a few preparations taking place in Germany to move the 1st Armored Division Headquarters to Fort Bliss'

A: Right now we are in the process of packing up the museum. It will be shipped here within the next couple of months. That will be the lead element of the headquarters to arrive.
Q: Please describe your visit.

A: I spent most of yesterday seeing Soldiers of the different units of the division; as well as, spending some time with the installation staff. I was also able to visit the museum. This morning I met with the chamber of commerce and the mayor's team to discuss what El Paso has done to support the division, and if you will, our family members.

It is great to be back at Fort Bliss. The El Paso community has done a wonderful job of dealing with the growth here at Fort Bliss. The partnership that General Bromberg has established not only with the community but the 1st Armored Division units is quite remarkable. It is also appropriate to thank the Soldiers and families that continue to respond to the calls for downrange tasks. I am quite proud of them.

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