Navigate My Organization


Your organization likely has multiple team members, each with different responsibilities and access needs for content. My Organization serves as a centralized location for viewing and managing all of your team members and their roles.


Depending on your role, you will have access to various features on the My Organization page.

All team members can:

  • View profiles and contact information for their team members
  • Edit their own profile
  • Change their own organization

In addition to the above, administrators can also:

NOTE: Administrators control all team management and administrative setting. The My Organization page is their one-stop shop for keeping team rosters organized and up-to-date.

View team member profiles and roles

  1. Click on Community from the main menu.
  2. From My Organization page, you’ll see a list of your team members and their roles.
  3. You can quick link to a user’s email or social media platforms by clicking on the icons on the far right.
  4. Click on a team member’s name to open a profile card containing contact information, social media accounts, and other user information.

Edit your profile

  1. Locate your name at the top of the team roster on My Organization page.
  2. Click thelocated at the far right side.
  3. Select Edit Profile & Settings from the dropdown options. This opens a lightbox with the same profile information that is editable in your Account Settings.
  4. When you’re done making changes, click Update button at the bottom of the Edit Profile lightbox.
Learn more about Your Profile.

Change your organization

If you notice that your organization is not up-to-date on your My Organization page, you can change teams directly from this page.

  1. Locate your name at the top of the team roster on My Organization page.
  2. Click thelocated at the far right side.
  3. Select Change Organization from the dropdown options. This opens the Change Organization lightbox as your Profile.
  4. Enter your new organization into the search box. CORE will autosuggest organizations that match your search term, based on the full names and abbreviations that are in the Organization Directory.
  5. Select an organization from the list.
  6. Click Update to confirm your new organization and close the lightbox.

You will notice that your organization and team members automatically change. All articles that you create are now associated with the new organization and will be pushed to the appropriate change of command.

NOTE: You don’t need approval to join a new organization; however, changing your organization will change your permissions level to a contributor. Please contact the administrator(s) of your new organization to upgrade your role, if needed. To learn more about what happens when you change your organization, visit Your Organization.

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