Edit organization settings


As an administrator, you can manage your organization’s name, logo, component type, and other options through your Organization Settings. This reference guide walks you through the universal settings available for all organizations.

Access your organization settings

To edit your organization’s settings, you must be an administrator.

  1. Click on Community from the main menu.
  2. From My Organization page, click the icon in the top-right corner of the page to open the Edit Organization Settings lightbox.
  3. Make any changes to your settings. See Organization Settings Overview below for more details.
  4. Click Update to close the Edit Organization Settings lightbox.

Organization Settings Overview

Organization Logo
This logo appears next to your organization’s name in most places within CORE, including the Organization Directory and when users change their organization. It helps members of the CORE Community visually identify your organization. To learn more, visit Upload Organization Logo.
Organization Name
This name displays anywhere your organization is referred to in CORE, such as in the User and Organization Directories, on article pages, as well as in released content and tagged article lists.
Organization Abbreviation
This is an optional abbreviation that will help people search for your organization and the content produced by your team members. It is also displayed in place of the Organization Name in some places within CORE.
Type of Organization
Select an Army Component: Active Duty, National Guard or Army Reserve. This classifies content produced by your organization to help other user’s filter released articles and search results.
Google Analytics Tracking ID
Add a Google Analytics tracking ID to dive deeper into article and page metrics. This will allow you to track data such as traffic-referral information, user characteristics and browsing information directly from your organization’s Google Analytics account. To learn more, visit Connect your organization to Google Analytics.

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