Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemorates Dr. King's life, his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and his enduring legacy. Dr. King employed nonviolent means to bring about social change and the promise of equality for all Americans. His promotion of public service drove Americans to action in the courageous struggle for equality in America. The journey from civil rights to civic responsibility is our manifest destiny as a Nation.

Leaders throughout the command must continue to make safety a priority for our Soldiers, civilian employees, contractors and MEDCOM Family Members. Extreme cold weather conditions and effective emergency preparedness require a thorough knowledge of the risks associated with severe winter weather. Keeping abreast of the prevailing weather conditions is essential for making the proper preparations. Naturally, part of this preparation includes a working knowledge of winter storm terminology:

- Freezing rain-Rain that freezes when it hits the ground. Ice may coat roads, walkways, trees and power lines.
- Sleet-Rain that freezes into ice pellets before it reaches the ground. Sleet can cause
moisture on roads and walkways to freeze.
- Winter storm watch-Weather conditions are favorable for a winter storm.
- Winter storm warning-A winter storm is occurring or will occur soon.
- Blizzard warning-Considerable amounts of snow with sustained winds or frequent gusts up to 35 mph are expected. Visibility is reduced to less than a quarter mile.
- Frost/freeze warning-Below-freezing temperatures are expected.

Winter travel is especially dangerous in inclement weather. Do not become a statistic; plan ahead, drive defensively and cautiously, avoid driving when tired, and do not drink and drive. The Travel Risk Planning System (TRIPS) is an excellent vehicle accident prevention tool for assessing an individual's risk and allows supervisors an opportunity to engage with Soldiers to mitigate risk factors. Access TRIPS online at https://crc.army.mil.

Enjoy a safe and responsible "civic" holiday weekend. We are Army Safe and Army Strong.

Army Medicine: Serving to Heal...Honored to Serve.

Lieutenant General
The Surgeon General and
Commanding General, USAMEDCOM