FORT RUCKER, Ala. (July 26, 2012) -- Fort Rucker provides many services for people on the installation from youth services to the fitness facilities, but also provides a way for them to provide feedback to help improve those services.

The Interactive Customer Evaluation program is a Web-based Department of Defense program that customers can use to get information about services that are provided on the installation and provide feedback about those services, according to Kristina L. Davis, lead management and program analyst for the plans, analysis and integration office.

"It's important to have a program like this because it gives customers a voice, and it's a quick and easy way for them to provide feedback," she said. "The information they give … goes immediately to the service provider manager."

The program is used to let service providers know not only what they might be able to improve, but also to praise those that are doing their jobs well.

"I don't think that everyone really understands that ICE isn't just a complaint tool," said Janice Erdlitz, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation marketing director. "It also serves as a great tool to let managers know about staff members who are providing outstanding customer service.

"We sometimes forget how much a positive comment can affect employee morale," she said. "Family and MWR actually uses the ICE program to recognize employees who receive positive ICE comments."

The recognition that people get for doing a good job doesn't only come from the organization or service provider that the employee works for, but can come from installation leadership as well, said Davis.

Maj. Gen. Anthony G. Crutchfield, Fort Rucker and U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence commanding general, has recognized those that have received positive feedback through the ICE system.

"The commanding general surprises people sometimes," Davis said. "I've had a number of my service provider managers say that they were just doing their job and in walked [Crutchfield] with a coin, so the feedback really does go to the top."

People can also use the program to submit feedback anonymously, but customer service can be better provided if people sign their names and provide contact information, said Davis.

"We have a policy for people that request contact back from a manager to be contacted within three days," she said. "If people [provide contact information], especially if there has been some kind of problem, that gives the manager a chance to get more information … and let the person know what the resolution is."

ICE allows service providers the opportunity to see how the public views their facilities, whether good or bad, said Erdlitz.

"Managers can see how patrons are rating their facility and can look for areas that need improvement," she said. "Sometimes I think patrons aren't aware that if there is an area that needs improvement, the first step really is letting the manager know first to see if they can directly fix the issue."

Some of the services on Fort Rucker such as the bowling center and other MWR facilities have computers or kiosks set up that are dedicated for use by customers to give feedback through ICE.

"Quality of life is so important for [the Fort Rucker] community, and through ICE, [people] can directly affect customer service," said Erdlitz. "We wanted to make ICE as convenient as we could for our patrons."

MWR provides links on their website,, that go directly to ICE for customers to use and provide feedback on their services, she added.

People can also fill out paper ICE cards and give them to a manager.

"Ken Blanchard famously said, 'feedback is the breakfast of champions,' and I think all the people I work with here on the installation really are here for the customer," said Davis. "Letting them know how well they are doing or how they can improve is really important."

To use the ICE system, visit or