Spc. Trevor Anthony Win'E was not a well known actor or musician. Most people have probably never heard his name or his story. But to the employees of Red River Army Depot's 5-Ton Truck Division, Win'E is a true American hero.

Win'E was killed in Iraq from injuries sustained April 30, 2004 when his convoy vehicle hit an improvised explosive device.

About three years ago, Bobby Stout, chief, disassembly and body repair, found a five-ton truck with a special windshield decal. Stout saved the piece of the windshield and began to use it in his morning meetings to remind the team members about the importance of their job.

The decal displays Win'E's name, date of his life and the phrase "he died protecting our freedom."

"This is why we do what we do everyday," said Stout. "I feel like the work we do as civilians is the most patriotic work that can be done to support our Soldiers."

Barry Czarnecki, an employee of the 5-Ton Truck Division, bought materials and built a shadow board at home for the decal. The shadow board also displays photos of Win'E taken from a website dedicated to his honor.

"I was never apart of any of the armed services so this is a privilege to me," said Stout. "We in the Body Shop count it an honor to supply our warfighters with equipment to protect our freedom."

Since 2004, RRAD has begun to up-armor the same type of vehicles that Win'E was using during the accident.

"I believe that if this Solider had been traveling in an up-armored vehicle, he may still be alive today," said Stout.

According to the Iraq War Heroes website, Win'E's mother is actively involved in helping Soldiers. The money collected from his memorial fund is used to buy 'Mist N Go' vests for the troops in Iraq. Over 230 vests have been purchased so far which help to cool the soldiers' body temperature down in the intense Iraq heat, helping them to stay focused and hopefully saving lives.

Stout said that they really like to show the box to newly hired employees to the division.

"It let's them know up front how important our job is," he said. "This Soldier is a hero to me-a true American hero."