Diane Broadway is the Mission and Installation Contracting Command Mission Contracting Office - Fort Eustis, Va., chief, B Division (mission contracting), leading contracting professionals supporting the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

Originally from Salt Lake City, the mother of four and grandmother of seven has lived in southeastern Virginia for more than 30 years.

She recently returned from an extended deployment to Joint Base Balad, Iraq.

"Deployment changes your perspective and you catch a glimpse of the reality of wartime efforts by our heroes in uniform," said Broadway, who met her husband while serving in the Navy 35 years ago. "You provide direct support to our warfighters. That is a tremendous opportunity and a very humbling experience. It is the experience of a lifetime and one of the most rewarding challenges you could ever face in your career. I would not trade my memories for anything."

Broadway said her deployment created a refocusing of priorities and gave her additional pride in knowing that even the most menial or seemingly inconsequential contracts awarded affect the Soldiers or their families.