HERAT PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Afghan National Army Commando medics, aided by a coalition Special Operations Surgical Team, provided health-care treatment and education to villagers in Guzarah District, Oct. 24.
The Commando medics were able to expand their skills and identify villagers in need of medical care, including non-routine treatment of women, children and the elderly.
9th Kandak, 4th Company, 1st Platoon (Reconnaissance), provided security as the partnered medics formulated a plan that separated treatment areas for males and females, based on the village layout, and established a systematic method to treat the villagers.
Villagers were seen and diagnosed by a Commando medic and provided a forum to express their questions about their treatment and recovery.
The lone female SOST Soldier, was crucial in treatment for the majority of patients, who were mostly women and children. The villagers trusted the SOST to answer specific questions, outside the Commando medics' capabilities, regarding more complex diagnosis and treatment of symptoms.
This event will help build elders' support for the Afghan government, increase the Commandos' medical and security capabilities and increase the populace's confidence in their government's ability to provide essential services.