FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. " The Network Enterprise Technology Command/9th Signal Command (Army) held an Army Strong Summer Hire Day July 28, for all the summer hires working in the command’s headquarters in Greely Hall, Fort Huachuca.“The purpose of the event was to introduce students to a ‘day-in-the-life’ of a Soldier,” said Ronda Martinez, Civilian Human Resources Specialist, who oversaw the event and helped with the planning and execution of all the activities that took place throughout the day. “Students underwent physical fitness testing, as well as Engagement Simulator Training, where students had the opportunity to shoot simulated weapons, such as an M-16. After the EST, students had lunch at the Post Dining Facility and a chance to share lunch with other military personnel from post.”The day ended with an awards ceremony with awards for those who made the best scores in the PT test and the best shooter, added Martinez.The day started out like most days for today’s Soldier as 26 summer hires gathered around the track just outside the confines of Barnes Field House. They were soon called into formation and explained what they would be doing for their Physical Training that day.Each instructor explained the rules for the three events that would take place. The events included one-minute timed push-ups, two-minute timed sit-ups, and a one-mile run around the track. For each event, a scorekeeper would observe each individual as they performed their task and would only count the exercise done in accordance with the instructions.After the grueling physical exertion portion of the day’s events, the summer hires had some time to refresh before meeting up again at the Engagement Simulator Training. Eagerly waiting their chance to shoot simulated Army weapons in the facility, each summer hire was showing through their actions that it was the part of the day they were each looking forward to participating. Once the shootout was over, the group advanced to the chow hall for some fine Army dining with the company of some of the other members of the military who eat at the Thunderbird Dining Facility.The final event for the day was the awards for the day’s events. Earning Best in Physical Training were: best male, Chris Tursi, NETCOM Futures Office, and; best female, Raquel Carampatan, NETCOM G-4 (Logistics). The Best in Shooting went to: best male, Brandon Kennedy, NETCOM G-3 (Operations), and; best female, Marissa Delgado, NETCOM G-5 (Plans and Engineering).The NETCOM Summer Hire Program is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain meaningful job experience, prepare for future educational career goals, and support the Army mission, said Martinez. Some of the functions the summer hires perform include clerical work, evaluating and researching compliance, and modernization support efforts.“The program also provides the students an opportunity to learn different aspects of the Federal Government/military and allow them the opportunity to decide whether a career in the government will best suit their future aspirations,” said Martinez. “There are 31 students appointed in the NETCOM Summer Hire Program for 2011. This program is extremely competitive, there were 130 application packets received this year alone. Our command employs the largest number of student summer hire positions on Fort Huachuca.”