CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- Rehearsals began today for the upcoming parade commemorating Kuwait's 50-year anniversary of its independence, and 20-year anniversary of its liberation from Iraqi invaders by coalition forces. The U.S. was asked to participate in the parade by the government of Kuwait along with representatives from the original coalition of 36 countries.

The U.S. military's participation in the parade includes Army and Marine tactical vehicles, Air Force and Navy aircraft and Soldiers and Marines who will march representing veterans from Operation Desert Storm.

"We're really fortunate to be a part of this event," said Col. Tony Pfaff, Third Army chief of international military affairs. "We are here with our Kuwaiti friends who we've been partners with for over twenty years."

"In doing so, we're able to demonstrate not only our past commitment and our past successes, but our present and future commitments as well," said Pfaff.

The U.S. military, led by Third Army, has a long-term commitment to Kuwait and the region.