FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- The Fort Huachuca Public Affairs Office now has another tool to get information out to the post. Huachuca Wired went live a few weeks ago. The radio station is available all the time via the internet, on- and off- government access computers.

The concept is a spinoff of 'back to the old days, Soldier's Radio,' according to Ken Robinson, Command Information chief, Fort Huachuca. Robinson, who spearheaded the station, says, "We've modernized it and taken it to the Internet.

The radio station was made possible through a partnership with Child and Youth Services and is a brand-new concept for the Army. Fort Huachuca is the first installation to develop its own streaming station, according to Robinson who added, it's important because the Internet is the next growth phase in new media.

"It's a good command information tool; you can reach a broader audience," Robinson explained. A Soldier deployed anywhere in the world can tune in to the station, hear music from back home and receive information about what's happening on post.

"This means we as the Army can get our message to that Soldier,' said Robinson.

For now, the station just plays music and information. However, shows are in the development phase.

"Right now we have one that we're working on with Child and Youth Services. We've offered up time to the BOSS (Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers) program," said Robinson.

Youth at the teen center are developing shows for the station's 3-4 p.m. block.

"I think it's really awesome that kids our age get to actually come out and express ourselves," said Tyler Scarborough, 14, one of the youth who will be producing programs. Scarborough and Jessica Sanchez, 13 are working together to develop a show with country and hard rock music.

"It's just really cool to say that you're actually doing something like this at such a young age, when other people don't get to do it in their lives," said Sanchez.

The PAO team will teach organizations how to use the system and guide them through their show. Huachuca Wired can be heard at

For more information about the radio station call 533-1985.