Counterfeiting of U.S. currency is a prevalent problem throughout the world, and Iraq is no exception.

Counterfeiting presents a multi-faceted threat in Iraq, where it both destabilizes the economy and funds terrorist activities.

U.S. Secret Service agents Britt Gardner and George Hartford conducted a class Feb. 20, 2010, to help Iraqi Security Forces in Maysan Province detect and deter counterfeiting. The training was conducted near Amarah and hosted by Company C, 4th Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, in conjunction with the Maysan Provincial Reconstruction Team.

According to the Iraqi Police, counterfeiting is on the rise in Maysan Province, with a noticeable increase in Amarah just in the last year.

Representatives from various Maysan police departments attended the class, during which they were informed of the extent of counterfeiting of U.S. currency in Iraq and throughout the world.

Gardner and Hartford also explained counterfeiting production methods, U.S. currency security features and methods of detecting the legitimacy of U.S. bills.

Attendees shared positive comments about the training seminar and were enlightened by the information presented. They expressed that they would like to see such training conducted on a larger scale in Maysan in the future.

"We would be delighted to return to Maysan in order to facilitate more detailed training at a later date," said Gardner.

Capt. Allen Trujillo, commander, Co. C, was pleased with the eagerness shown by the students.

"This class represents our commitment to working with our ISF partners in order to ensure a well-educated police force," he said.