She's cycled across the Mid Atlantic states, New York and Europe; hiked half of the Appalachian Trail, modeled on fashion runways and has looked directly into the eyes of a European criminal. She's Joann Langston, adventurer.

Langston, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command deputy director, was born and raised on Staten Island. After high school, her incredible journey at the College of New Rochelle where she received her Bachelor's of Arts. She later attended the University of Maryland, College Park, for graduate school and received her law degree known as a Juris Doctor degree.

During her days in institutes of higher education, she'd spend part of the summer modeling coats and suits in Manhattan, passing the time while waiting to start her fun summer job; waitressing at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, along with other college students.

Life got serious after graduation as she spent time in several executive programs at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School, Dartmouth Tuck School, Federal Executive Institute, and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Langston displayed ambition pursuing her education and career. She also managed to find time to start a family of five.

Langston ensured her children would have experiences they would never forget from early on. Walking half of the Appalachian Trail with her children during the summer of 1973 is one they will always remember. The trek started in Georgia and ended halfway into Virginia. During the trip, the Langston's would stop at small towns along the way, dining at mom and pop diners and socializing with the locals. The three-month journey kept her children occupied all summer long leaving them with only a week of summer vacation before starting back to school.

Time on the trail helped the Langston children develop a sense of independence. Langston insisted that her children be in charge of their food and water, and the conservation of it, a method of helping to develop their decision making skills.

At the same time she was also gaining new ground in reference to her career. The mother of five was making her way up the corporate ladder and was soon promoted to "a super grade position".
"I was recruited to work for the government at the Consumer Product Safety Commission by a friend who had previously worked with me in industry. I started as a GS15 and subsequently was promoted to a "super grade." The "super grades" transitioned into the Senior Executive Service the following year," said Langston, who was a vice president at a consulting company prior to joining the government.

Her current position can be demanding but Langston's still manages to juggle time between family and work.

Recently, while vacationing in Denmark with her daughter Nancy, the Langston ladies ran into some trouble. Nancy was victimized by a pickpocket while trying to board a train in Denmark.
After being bumped, Nancy noticed her wallet was missing the moment they reached the bottom of the escalator; the two notified the police immediately. The result of this incident was a lesson in Danish justice.

According to Langston, the wallet was stolen Monday, an arrest was made Thursday, and by Friday they were in court for the preliminary hearing.

"Denmark is a very progressive country, their surveillance cameras were able to catch every detail of the perpetrator," said Langston.

Langston said the courtroom experience was both confusing and intriguing as the perpetrator was Romanian, the Langston's are American, and the hearing was conducted in Danish. With the perpetrator caught on camera and Nancy testifying against him, he was found guilty.

Langston said any future escapades will be like the prior ones; spur of the moment. It's only a matter of time before she has a new tale to tell.