Recently Staff Sgt. Ricky Baldwin, Multi-National Corps-Iraq Office of Staff Judge Advocate, decided to break up a weekly routine of power point classes and lectures for something with a bit more bite. Every Friday the Multi-National Corps-Iraq paralegal non-commissioned officers meet at 7:30a.m. to participate in an NCO development program.

"In our field it's important to keep each other abreast of laws and how they apply, and also it serves to keep each other aware of what's going on in other sections," Staff Sgt. Dondrea Lewis explained.

To break up the weekly routine with something different, Baldwin coordinated with the MNC-I Military Working dogs to provide about twenty paralegals a chance to don a bite suit and experience first-hand the speed and discipline of MNC-I's German Shepherds.

"It was a blast," said Sgt. Clasina Roberts. "I was glad the dogs were trained to go for just limbs, I was impressed."

Roberts said it was some of the best NCODP they've had so far because it was a break from day-to-day business and raised morale.