RTC’s Ammunition and Explosive Branch Chief named ATEC Employee of the Year

By RTC Public AffairsMay 2, 2024

RTC’s Ammunition and Explosive Branch Chief named ATEC Employee of the Year
Cory Britt was recently named the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command’s Employee of the Year for Mission Support for fiscal year 2023. He serves as the Ammunition & Explosive Branch Chief for the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – For most of us, simply cleaning out the garage on a random sunny Saturday can be an overwhelming task. Now, imagine that tedious and time-consuming chore when it involves remnants from decades’ worth of test and evaluation efforts in support of the Warfighter.  That was the challenge facing Cory Britt, Ammunition & Explosive branch chief at the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center, known as RTC. Britt’s methodical and persistent approach to ammunition reduction set conditions for success. For his exceptional efforts, Britt was named the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command’s Civilian Mission Support Employee of the Year for fiscal year 2023.

Britt spear-headed a variety of efforts to accomplish this task, coordinating with various external organizations to decrease the ammunition footprint by 50 percent while reducing the utilization rate to 65 percent for standard and non-standard ammunition. These actions have set the stage for RTC to support ammunition modernization efforts by creating space to store newly designed ammunition.

“The major effort in reducing the ammunition footprint at RTC would have never happened if not for Mr. Britt’s efforts,” said Ric Rivera, RTC chief of staff.

The Presidential Drawdown for Military Assistance to Ukraine was just one of many programs Britt utilized to reduce the ammunition footprint at RTC. He also coordinated with the Alabama Army National Guard, Army Mobile Ammunition Renovation Inspection and Demilitarization Team, and Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team to eliminate a backlog of excess material at RTC.

Britt’s efforts saved RTC more than $2.5 million by coordinating with external organizations to return missiles to depots.  This included thousands of Hellfire, Javelin, and Stinger missiles that were returned for refurbishment to be prepared for further use.

Britt was also instrumental in RTC securing a specialized surveillance trailer, one of only four used worldwide by the Army for ammunition surveillance. The total result of Britt’s efforts led to the removal of more than 200 tons of excess equipment.

“Cory has a thorough knowledge of ammunition production, requisition, accountability and general supply program management,” said Col. Joseph Alexander, commander of RTC. “He has a working knowledge of regulatory guidance that has proven invaluable to RTC and the Army as we lean into modernization efforts.”

Congratulations to Cory for his exceptional commitment and support to the RTC Mission.