Civil Works actions to sustain and advance waters and wetlands

By Lauren LeuckMarch 22, 2024

All our nation’s waters and wetlands are valuable resources, regardless of jurisdictional status under the Clean Water Act. They provide vital functions in protecting and improving water quality; absorbing and reducing flood waters; providing critical habitat for an abundance of species; and storing water in an era of water scarcity. As a result, wetlands support economic activity; supply drinking water; maintain essential agricultural and industrial water supplies; and improve opportunities for people to enjoy nature and hunt and fish.

Today, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Michael Connor signed a memorandum that directs the Corps, in carrying out its Civil Works missions, to use applicable authorities and available resources to engage in specific actions to protect, restore, and enhance our nation’s waters and wetlands that are now more vulnerable, in addition to implementing the Regulatory Program in compliance with all laws and regulations.

The memorandum is available here.