FORT POLK, La. -- While the 162nd Infantry Brigade starts the Army mission of training combat advisors, it is also deploying Soldiers in support of overseas contingency operations.

Capt. Ronald Yuhasz, a recent arrival to the 4th Battalion, 353rd Regiment, volunteered for a six-month tasking to serve as the Multi National Corps-Iraq, Movement Transition Team Officer at the Baghdad International Airport.

"This is an important and significant event for two reasons," said Maj. Malcolm Chandler, executive officer, 4th Bn. "First, this is Captain Yuhasz's first deployment, and second, this marks the first Soldier to deploy from the 4th Battalion, 353rd Regiment -- a very historic event,"
Yuhasz will assume command of Bravo Company, 4th Battalion, 353rd Regiment, upon his return from Iraq.

The small group advisors in his company will train the mounted combat patrol mission through the Fort Polk Virtual Battlespace Simulator 2 System.
"With this system, we can simulate an environment that fosters growth in planning and situational awareness," Chandler said.

Yuhasz's deployment experience will also provide valuable lessons learned for the 162nd, as he will have hands-on experience dealing with combat advisors as they arrive in theater.

"Keeping this mission as current as we can is vital to our success," Chandler said.
"Having one of our own Soldiers providing that critical feedback will be invaluable."

This is an historic moment for the 353rd Inf Reg because it originally had only three battalions associated with it -- now it has six. This gives the newly formed 4th Bn the opportunity to add to the storied history of the regiment.